Dr. Caren Carney

Caren Carney
Director and Relief Veterinarian in Nevada, California, Georgia
After a very successful career in private practice, Caren Carney D.V.M turned down an offer to be a clinic manager in order to pursue her dream to provide quality relief services to veterinarians. It is this dream that lead to the founding of Holiday Vet Corp. Experiencing the great need for a veterinary relief service she wanted to ease the burden and scheduling difficulties on clinics so they can focus on providing quality medicine.

Dr. Carney has dedicated the last 12 years to the pursuit of improving the lives of animals. Starting off at a veterinary assistant she put herself through college at Louisiana State University and even spent three years as a research assistant in entomology. She has always tried to improve the medical field whether it be via research, presenting at national medical conferences, private practice or veterinary relief.


A six year resident of Las Vegas, she helps manage a local hiking group and is relentless in her exploration of the local outdoors. With the same boundless energy that allows her to perform 20-30 surgeries a day, her off time is spent hiking with her German Shepherd Maya in Red Rock, Valley of Fire, Zion, the Grand Canyon and many other destinations.


Running Holiday Vet is just not enough to satisfy Dr. Carney, as she is still a full time relief veterinarian servicing California, Nevada and Utah. If you would like to work with Dr. Carney please contact Holiday Vet. We look forward to hearing from you. Let us work with you in handling those busy days and help you reach new levels of success.