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Relief Veterinarian in Nevada, California, Hawaii
After graduating from the College of Veterinary Science (India), Dr. Bobbili worked at a local SPCA shelter for 3 years. To further his education, he received a MS in animal science from the University of Hawaii. He then worked as a Research Associate/Junior Researcher studying immunological and vaccine development projects for West-Nile, Dengue and Malaria in Hawaii. He authored and co-authored several publications.

With a strong desire to return to clinical practice, Dr. Bobbili completed ECFVG certification from AVMA in 2015 and state licenses in California, Nevada and Hawaii. He is looking forward to a variety of experiences to become a well-rounded veterinarian. He offers certain soft tissue surgeries, dental procedures, mass removals besides routine neuters and spays. He desires to excel in internal medicine and learn other challenging surgeries under the guidance of experienced mentors. Dr. Bobbili strives hard for client satisfaction and maintains a positive atmosphere in the work place. In his spare time Dr. Bobbili enjoys travelling and meditation.