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Help veterinarians find a better work-life balance, whether it’s providing relief for a busy practice or empowering relief veterinarians to find work that fits their schedule and lifestyle.

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Experienced Relief Veterinarians
Let our experienced relief veterinarians serve your patients just the way you like.

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Find Your Dream Job
Focus on patients, not paperwork, while choosing when and where you want to work


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Why choose us?

By veterinarians, for veterinarians.

We’re known for our personal touch. Our caring schedulers get to know all their doctors and clients to find a match that’s more than location and expertise. 

We try to find a personality and attitude match for you as well. Try doing that with an algorithm.

Most importantly, we schedule in advance to ensure that your dates are covered, so that you can make plans confidently. 

We are not a 24 Hour Emergency Hospital. If you have a pet emergency, please contact your local Emergency Veterinarian.