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Help veterinarians find a better work-life balance, whether it’s providing relief for a busy practice or empowering relief veterinarians to find work that fits their schedule and lifestyle.

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What is relief work?

Relief services, or locum work, is where an experienced DVM works in or manages a veterinary practice for a limited time to cover for staffing shortages, sick and maternity leave, or vacations.

Relief vets serve traditional clinics as well as exotics. Relief services time frames can range from short notice, single day shifts to long-term maternity leave coverage.

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What makes a good relief doctor?

Relief work is not an internship or appropriate for new DVM graduates. Relief doctors need to be able to manage a small animal clinic independently, and that only comes with experience. A good fit for relief vet work:
  • Has years of experience in small animal medicine
  • Adapts to flexible scheduling
  • Has good communication skills
  • Has a high level of empathy

Most relief positions are filled by independent contractors. A veterinary relief service can help clinics find relief on short notice and can help independent contractors fill their calendars with exclusive jobs.

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Why choose Holiday Vet?

By veterinarians, for veterinarians.

We’re known for our personal touch. Our caring schedulers get to know all their relief veterinarians and vet clinics to find a match that’s more than location and expertise. 

We try to find a personality and attitude match for you as well. Try doing that with an algorithm.

Most importantly, we schedule in advance to ensure that your dates are covered, so that you can make plans confidently. 

We are not a 24 Hour Emergency Hospital. If you have a pet emergency, please contact your local Emergency Veterinarian.