Our Approach

We understand that your practice is as unique as you are. We ensure high-quality matches through a good, personal connection to both relief veterinarians and animal hospitals. With these strong ties and deep understanding of your needs, we can match opportunities quickly.

Our Story

After a very successful career in private practice, Caren Carney D.V.M turned down an offer to be a clinic manager to pursue her dream to provide relief services to veterinarians. It is this dream that led to the founding of Holiday Vet.  Experiencing the great need for a veterinary relief service, she wanted to ease the burden and scheduling difficulties on clinics so they that they could focus on providing quality medicine.

Management Team

Holiday Vet prides ourselves on the personal touch. Get to know us online and put a face to the friendly voice on the phone.


Caren Carney, DVM

Founder & Veterinarian

Dr. Carney has dedicated the last 18 years to the pursuit of improving the lives of animals. Starting off as a veterinary assistant, she put herself through college at Louisiana State University, then spent three years as a researcher in entomology prior to pursuing her dream to become a veterinarian. She completed her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree from Louisiana State University in 2007. She has always tried to improve the medical field whether it be via research, presenting at national medical conferences, private practice, animal rescue, disaster relief or veterinary relief.


Erika Newlon

Office Manager

Erika joined our East Coast Team as the Office Manager and Accounts Manager for Holiday Vet. Prior to joining Holiday Vet, Erika spent several years managing a (Human) Medical Office. 

Natalie Smith

Natalie Smith

Operations Manager

Natalie joined our East Coast Team as the Operations Manager for Holiday Vet. Her love of math and puzzles drove her to earn a degree in Mathematics from the University of North Georgia with a minor in Business Administration. That love of puzzles shows in how she approaches scheduling - as a giant puzzle to solve. One of the things she loves about working for Holiday Vet is the ability to balance work with her family.  

Next Steps...

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