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Grow Your Veterinary Career with Holiday Vet

Explore Career Options

Leverage our deep industry connections to explore your veterinarian career options discreetly. Keep your job search activity inconspicuous to your current employer.

Focus on Your Passion

We have opportunities in a variety of clinics and shelters across the country. Find a practice that works for you.

Personal Support

Our team is there to help! Just call or email to talk to a real person who can actually help.

Explore your veterinarian career options with Holiday Vet

Why Holiday Vet?

Holiday Vet was founded by a veterinarian, and we know the ins and outs of veterinary work. With over 20 years of experience in the veterinary industry and 10 years specifically in veterinarian career planning, we know what DVMs look for in a clinic. 

Some veterinary recruitment services are simply a different brand name for a general recruiting office. They don’t have knowledge of veterinary practice or the specific challenges faced by DVMs. Other veterinary placement services provide not just DVMs, but vet techs and office staff as well. This can lead to a thin focus of trying to be everything to everyone.  

Clinic Screening For Better Veterinary Career Matches

As an experienced DVM, you have preferences in what you want in your perfect clinic. Production levels, surgery percentages, EVMR, anesthesia and/or digital imaging for dental work – all of these things and more can be important considerations in choosing the next job in your veterinarian career. But these details are hardly ever listed in a job description.

Holiday Vet thoroughly screens all clinics so that we can match you with the right practice to meet your preferences. Through our relief work, we have a solid review of how the hospital actually works on top of what they say they do. 

Finally, our services are free to DVMs. The practices looking for staff hire us to find you, and pay us a small fee based on the negotiated pay rate. It’s in our interests to find you the highest salary possible!

Veterinarian examining cat's ear

Veterinarian Career Services Offered

Holiday Vet works exclusively with DVMs to find the right placement to help you achieve the right work-life balance in your veterinary career, whatever that looks like to you. We recruit for full-time, permanent positions, part-time positions, and relief work all as potential means to keeping you actively employed and mentally healthy. 


Permanent Placement and Temp-to-Perm

We offer veterinary recruitment services for permanent, full-time DVM positions at a variety of animal hospitals and clinics. You save time by applying with us, as we can review many open positions at once on your behalf. We run through the basics with the potential employer, so any interviews are already pre-qualified. Best of all, you can easily compare offers with the same pieces of information. You save time and effort in the job search at absolutely no cost.

Relief Veterinarian Jobs As a Veterinary Career Option

We’ve been a leading relief veterinary provider for over 10 years. We started with one veterinarian doing relief work, which grew to 2, then 5, and now hundreds. 

Having done the work ourselves, we know the hardest parts of relief work are finding jobs and getting paid for jobs. When you work with Holiday Vet, just as with our permanent placement services, we do the searching for you. You choose which shifts you want, and we take care of all the paperwork and payment processing, so you always know that you’ll be fairly and routinely compensated.

Types of Employment and Benefits

For permanent and temp-to-perm positions, you’ll be a salaried W-2 employee with a full host of benefits, including health, vision, and dental insurance, wellness programs, 401K matching, and more. 

As a relief vet, you have a choice of W-2 employment or W-9 independent contract work. Choosing to be a full-time employee gives you these same benefits. Choosing to be an independent contractor lets you retain more flexibility, but also requires more paperwork. If you’re not sure, no worries! Our friendly staff is happy to discuss the pros and cons at your convenience.

Holiday Vet Full-Time Benefits For Your Veterinary Career

Paid Time Off

We offer a generous number of PTO days as well as paid holidays. Additional unpaid time off is also available

Medical and Life Insurance

We provide medical, dental, and vision insurance to employees nationwide. We cover 70% of base medical for employees. Free life insurance is also provided.

401(k) with 4% Match

We match your 401(k) contribution $1 for $1 up to 4% after 1 year of service.


We provide employee assistance programs, mental and physical health programs, and life coaching.

CE and Licensing

We have a reimbursement program for CE and licensing expenses, and also offer up to 3 days allowance for in-person CE.

Flexible Work Week

Our work weeks are flexible around your schedule. You can also receive additional pay or time off for ER shifts.