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We Have Relief Vet Jobs For You!

We work with private animal hospitals as well as nationwide corporate practices to provide a wide array of relief vet jobs. You’re in control – pick whether you want to do surgery, average length of visit, distance from your home, and more. We tailor shifts to meet your exact needs.

Complete Flexibility

Work when you want, where you want. Whether you want to work close to home or use your relief vet job as an opportunity to travel, we can help.

Focus On Your Passion

Being a relief veterinarian means that you can focus on what's most important: your patients. Leave the stress of administration behind, as Holiday Vet takes care of scheduling and billing.

Personal Support

Our team is there to help you. We keep your preferences and requirements in mind when scheduling and bringing on new clients. Questions? Just call or email!

Caring For Animals, Caring For Yourself

Holiday Vet was founded by a veterinarian who wanted to balance work with her love of travel. She loved it so much, she wanted to share that flexibility with other veterinarians. Now, Holiday Vet provides relief vet jobs across the country, letting you choose where and when you want to work.

Focus on Patients, Not on Paperwork

Becoming a relief vet can be intimidating, and doing it on your own means that you’re opening up your own business, with all the paperwork that entails. Joining Holiday Vet means that you can focus on your patients. We create relationships with hospitals and clinics, offer shifts, and take care of billing and payments.

Relief vet jobs can allow you to focus more on patients

Why Use Holiday Vet for Relief Vet Jobs?

Holiday Vet has over 10 years of experience in finding work for relief veterinarians. Our goal is to make relief work enjoyable for you and for the clinic.   Other sites let you pick and choose jobs, or send in applications and go through a negotiating process. Often these job descriptions lack important information, like whether surgery is required. That makes every new clinic a guessing game. At Holiday Vet, our staff of great people communicates as much as we can about the work environment, starting your relief shifts off successfully.   As much as they may say they’re a community, other sites make you hustle for each job. You constantly have to fill out applications and hunt for the next shift. Holiday Vet does the searching for you, meaning you can spend your time doing what you love. 

Full Flexibility
You're in control of your schedule at Holiday Vet. You tell us your availability, rates, location and other preferences, like a preference for long appointment times. Our team then matches your profile to upcoming relief vet jobs. It really is as easy as that.  
We offer both 1099 and W-2 employment options. You can become a full-time relief vet, with all the benefits of traditional employment. Or you can use us to fill in available slots on your schedule.  
Clinic Screening
We want to ensure your success by providing you full details on the veterinary practitioners and technicians you'll be working with. We screen our relief vet jobs for a high quality of patient care as well as a welcoming work environment.
Relief Vet Jobs Nationwide
Our great team of dedicated schedulers work to ensure that your schedule is as full as you want. We can try to find you work on short notice and reply quickly to any help request.
Best of all, we have relief vet jobs across the country. Visit friends and family while still earning money. Or subsidize your dream vacation with relief shifts at your destination. We can help make it happen!

Let Us Find Your Next Relief Vet Jobs

To apply for relief vet jobs with Holiday Vet, simply click the button! We’ll follow up with an interview to learn more about you and your needs in providing relief veterinary services.