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Veterinary Relief Services with the Personal Touch

Personalized Care

Holiday Vet provides you with a human point of contact for all your veterinary relief services questions.

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Exceptional Relief Doctors

Our relief doctors are some of the best in the veterinary industry. We'll be sure to treat all your patients with the highest levels of care.

Timely Scheduling

We schedule doctors well in advance, giving you peace of mind that your needs are covered.

Reliable Veterinary Relief Services

As veterinarians ourselves, we know how stressful running a practice can be. It can be hard for practice owners to balance taking time for yourself and your family with the demands of your practice.
That's where Holiday Vet comes in. Our veterinary relief services cover individual veterinary clinics as well as corporate hospitals.
Let our experienced relief veterinarians cover your practice. You can maintain your standard business hours and full range of services for your clients confidently and securely.

Keep Up With Expansion

If you're looking for additional supporting veterinary doctors to grow your team, veterinary relief services can help.

While you're going through resumes and interviewing, Holiday Vet can provide qualified veterinary staffing, covering while you find your perfect match.

Holiday Vet also provides permanent staffing solutions and recruitment, giving you a one-stop shop for your staffing needs.

Our veterinary relief services find the best veterinarian for you

Finding a Relief Veterinarian With Our Veterinary Relief Service

Our relief service takes the work of choosing the right relief vet for your clinic. First of all, we interview you, to see what is most important to your clinic and work process. We catalog some important points about your work environment, including software programs and types of procedures, to ensure that your relief vet is well-prepared upon arrival. This interview can give you peace of mind that your veterinary relief professional will fit right in to the team and seamlessly provide the quality of care you're known for.

We then review our available doctor profiles near you to find your match. If your veterinary hospital provides surgery, for example, we'll screen for veterinarians with heavy surgical experience. We also try to match personalities to your vet clinic.

All of our relief vet candidates are screened for professionality, customer service skills, and experience in your required fields. We also check licensing, confirm degrees and call references. We are constantly recruiting and onboarding new staff members to ensure that we have enough qualified veterinarians to cover your requirements.

When we find a match, we share the doctor's profile with you. That includes a bio, photo, license information and more. This way, you and your technicians have a good idea of who you're working with.

Get Help with Holiday Vet Veterinary Relief Service

Let us get to know you with a quick business profile. Your personal scheduling coordinator will reach out with information on our veterinary relief services near you.