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Find Your Perfect Relief Vet Match

You’ve finally mustered up the courage. You’re ready to put yourself out there and find your perfect match, the right person to take care of your baby while you’re gone, your relief veterinarian.

Choosing the best relief veterinarian can be tough. Much like dating, there has to be a spark, and an agreement on common goals and values. And, like dating, there are a lot of profiles out there! How do you sort through them all and find your perfect match?

First, make your own profile, or use ours. What are your practices’ strengths? Who are your main clients, and how do you handle them? Are there certain areas of expertise that your relief veterinarian should excel in? How long will you need relief?

Now you’re ready to start looking. Just like with dating, there are a few different approaches to finding a relief vet:

  1. Random encounters, or “We met at the bar.” You’re at a continuing education seminar and share some comments with the person sitting next to you. They happen to be a relief vet in your area! But how many conferences, networking events, or seminars will you have to attend before kismet intervenes? While it produces an instant bond, it’s very time-consuming.
  2. The Classifieds, or “craigslist.” Relief vets post their availability on boards like the AVMA or VetQuest. In this method, you navigate ungainly websites and try to sort out who is close, available, and matches your profile. There’s not much filtering or sorting, so it’s not very efficient.
  3. Relief vet services, or “” There are quite a few relief vet services that will match you with an available vet in your area that covers your requirements. However, like many dating sites, you still have to review the profiles and try to make contact. Some vet relief services post your job to their vets, and then you have to wait for someone to reach out and take it. While it’s more efficient, there’s still a last mile that doesn’t quite connect, and can leave you without relief.
  4. Holiday Vet, or “personal matchmaker.” Holiday Vet is different. We get to know both our doctors and our hospitals personally. With that personal care, we get a feel for the type of personality that will work well with your practice. Since we have a deep relationship with our doctors, finding the right personality match is fast. Our guidance through the process means that you don’t have to sort through piles of profiles or hope that someone takes your job. We introduce you to a strong match as early as possible to ensure that your relief is secure.

Some say that dating is a full-time job. Finding your relief vet shouldn’t add to your workload. Let us personally introduce you to a relief veterinarian that’s a good match to you. You’ll love our service!