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How to Find Relief Veterinarians And Choose The Best Fit

Finding relief veterinarians for your practice can be challenging. We’ll discuss the pros and cons for each way to find relief veterinarians near you.

In-Person Networking

Meeting vets face to face is a fantastic way to find relief veterinarians. However, in-person meetups happen rarely. Vets meet up at trade shows, but you’re meeting vets from everywhere, so it’s unlikely they’ll be in your area. Meetings of your state or local veterinary association are more geographically targeted, but may be smaller and have fewer relief vets.


Just as in other aspects of your business, referrals for relief vets are golden. Getting a relief vet referral can be challenging – you have to have great relationships with competing practices, and those practices have to be willing to share a finite resource. 

Job Boards To Find Relief Veterinarians

Whether you put up an ad or search candidate resumes, using job boards can be a mixed blessing. If your ad is written well, including an actual pay rate, then you can get significant interest. However, the time it takes to write and post a successful ad is more than you would think. Then there’s going through the responses, following up, and making an offer, just as with a full-time associate. 

Relief Vet Agencies

That’s where Holiday Vet comes in. We have an extensive network of proven, reliable relief veterinarians across the country. They’re already vetted by our team as well as our customers, so you know that you’re getting a vet that will fit with your practice. You save time in that we do the recruiting and evaluating of each vet. Give us a call or fill out our interest form to find relief veterinarians today!