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Become a Relief Veterinarian in Georgia

The Peach State offers a lot to relief veterinarians. Getting your license is easy and affordable. Georgia’s friendly people and amazing scenery will entice you to become a relief veterinarian in Georgia.

Relief vets in Georgia have a lot to look forward to. Salaries are right on average, and there are a variety of settings to work in. 

Urban areas tend to have animals as indoor pets, while the large rural areas tend to have a higher percentage of outdoor animals. This dichotomy leads to a difference in illnesses and health issues faced by each population. 

All animals face the common risks of fleas, ticks, and heartworms. Since temperatures are moderate, there’s less risk of cold- or heat-related illnesses. 

The average salary for a veterinarian in Georgia is around $110,000 per year. That’s right around the national average and similar to rates for veterinarians in Florida. Rates are generally higher in cities and lower in rural areas, so a relief vet in Atlanta may be paid more than one in Blue Ridge. 

Also, these rates are for salaried associate veterinarians and not relief vets. Your relief vet rates will be different then a salaried employee.

Georgia recently adjusted its income tax structure and now levies a 5.375% flat income tax. That makes calculating your income tax simple. If you find relief vet work on a freelance basis, you’ll have to track your income for each animal hospital you work for. When you find relief work through a veterinary staffing service like Holiday Vet, we consolidate all your earnings in the state into a single tax document, cutting down paperwork. Naturally, this saves you time and effort.

Becoming a relief veterinarian in Georgia is simple. There’s a $100 fee for your license. You’ll need to show:

  • NAVLE success
  • DVM degree

You will have to take a short exam on Georgia state veterinary law. Georgia also has significant continuing education (CE) requirements. If you like being a relief veterinarian in Georgia and want to keep your license, you’ll have to cover those requirements.

There’s high demand for relief vets in Atlanta, Georgia’s largest city. Holiday Vet’s Georgia office is located in the Atlanta suburbs, so we have excellent relationships with local clinics and emergency hospitals. The metro Atlanta area covers nine counties, including cities like Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Lawrenceville and Peachtree City.

Additionally, other population centers can have high demand for relief veterinarians in Georgia.

Relief work in Georgia is mostly small animal practices and emergency hospitals. There are more private clinics than corporate animal hospitals, which makes networking even more of a challenge.

We love being relief vets in Georgia. Here are some of the things that we enjoy doing when we’re not serving local clinics.

Unicoi State Park and Helen 

Unicoi State Park offers hiking, paddling, fishing, ziplining and more. The park features a lake, rivers, and a spectacular waterfall. There’s truly something for everyone.

With this view, you might think you were out in the wild west. But Providence Canyon is only two hours from Atlanta. With stunning views and winding hiking trails, a day trip to the canyon can help restore energy and balance. Fortunately, pets are allowed at all Georgia State Parks.

If you’re more of a history buff, you’re in for a treat in Savannah. The city sparks with graceful architecture, old-growth trees, and horse-drawn carriages. There’s also miles of beach and fast access to Tybee Island. Savannah also celebrates its local Gullah Geechee culture.

Due to the increased demand for veterinarians and relief veterinarians in Georgia, especially in the Atlanta metro area, now is a great time to consider relief work. Our local office in Sugar Hill ensures that we have deep contacts with Georgia animal hospitals and clinics. Register today to start lining up relief vet jobs in Georgia!