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Switching Your Career to Relief Vet in Maryland

The Old Line State is a solid option for relief veterinarians. If you’re looking to transition from associate veterinarian work to relief, Maryland is an excellent place for it. Here’s what a relief vet in Maryland needs to know.

Becoming a Relief Vet in Maryland

Maryland relief veterinarians are in an interesting position. The size and position of the state make it easy to cross borders to leverage higher prevailing salaries. One would expect that would raise the floor in Maryland itself as well, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.


Licensing is done online through the Maryland Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners. The process is straightforward, with NAVLE scores, a transcript, and a photo all required. 

The application is $225 and licenses expire in June. Plan your application well to avoid re-applying after just a few months. 


Maryland relief vets and full-time vets earn around $108,000 annually. Most vets will fall in the 5% or 5.25% tax bracket. This vet salary range is equivalent to the national average, but on the low side compared with neighboring states. 

StateAvg SalaryTax Rate*Net Annual
West Virginia$123,9905.12%$115,458
*Virginia and West Virginia calculate a base income tax plus a percentage rate. Please check with a tax professional on your exact income tax responsibility.

When looking at metro areas or counties, one might think that DVC would have the highest salaries. However, counties along the Delaware border average over $110,000, and DC metro area veterinarian salaries average $104,000. Baltimore splits the difference at just under $110,000. 

Maryland Veterinary Conditions

Maryland made declawing illegal in the state in 2022. While declawing is permitted if medically necessary, it can no longer be done for cosmetic or convenience purposes.  

Additionally, the state has issued information and alerts about the following diseases in animals:

Balancing Work and Life As a Relief Vet In Maryland

Maryland has a surprising variety of options for veterinarians to relax and enjoy themselves.

  • Monkton Station in Gunpowder Falls State Park
  • The National Aquarium is a great place for relief veterinarians in Maryland to relax
  • Native horses live on Assateague Island

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