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Become a Relief Veterinarian in Missouri

All About Relief Veterinarian in Missouri

Relief veterinarians are critical to the veterinary industry in the Show-Me State. This article will talk about how to become a relief veterinarian in Missouri, including licensing. We’ll discuss salary and location, along with taxes, and compare them to neighboring states. Since we believe in work-life balance, we’ll also talk about some spots perfect for MO relief vets to relax.

The Nuts and Bolts of Relief Vet Work in MO

If you already have your MO veterinary license, you can add or switch to relief work at any time. Just give us a call to get started! 

If you’re coming in from out of state, licenses via reciprocity are available. You will need to have practiced for at least a year, and you’ll need to pass the state boards. The cost is $200.

There is a two-month delay between applying for your license and taking the boards, so plan accordingly. 


The average salary for a veterinarian in Missouri is $83,830 according to the Bureau of Labor. With a tax rate of 5.4% for this income range, your average net salary is $79,303. That’s the lowest wage of all states that border Missouri. 

StateSalaryTax RateNet Salary

The next most competitive states are Tennessee and Illinois, both coming in at over $100,000 annually on average.

Veterinary Salary by Missouri Metro Area

From a county perspective, the high points for veterinary salaries in Missouri are on the east and west sides of the state. The St Louis metro area leads salaries at $93,010, followed closely by Kansas City. 

Relaxation For a Relief Veterinarian in Missouri

We know just how demanding a career as a relief veterinarian in Missouri can be. It’s important for our mental health to be able to relax and renew. Here are some of our favorite places in MO to find some of that work-life balance.


City Museum in St Louis, MO

The City Museum is a unique experience that you should try at least once. “Museum” is almost a misnomer. While there are paintings that hang on the wall, there’s also slides and treehouses, the world’s largest pencil, a ferris wheel, and caves to explore. Getting out of your everyday rut is good for a relief vet’s mental health. There’s almost no better place to do that in Missouri than the City Museum in St. Louis.

The Missouri Botanical Garden is a great place to go for some green space. The garden is located in Saint Louis, Missouri, and covers over twenty acres of ground. It was founded in 1859, making it one of the oldest botanical gardens in America. You can participate in many activities while at the garden, including concerts, plays, hands-on classes with your children, day camps, special events, and festivals. Pets are not allowed, so this can be an escape from animals altogether.

Climatron in Missouri Botanic Gardens
Elephant Rock State Park, MO

For a relaxing weekend with your pet, Missouri’s state parks can’t be beat. Elephant Rocks stands out due to the giant granite boulders. Observe from a distance, walk through a mini slot canyon, or do your best Alex Honnold impersonation by giving rock climbing a try! But please use correct gear and all safety precautions when climbing. There’s plenty of ways to enjoy this unique and exciting pocket of nature in southeast Missouri.