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Relief vets in Oregon

Demand is rising for relief veterinarians in Oregon. This article will give you all the details on licensure, salary, and working conditions in the Beaver State. We’ll wrap up with a few ways to relax, as work-life balance is important for relief vets in Oregon.

Veterinary Licensing in OR

If you’re already licensed in OR, then becoming a relief vet in Oregon is really easy. Just give Holiday Vet a call for current open positions!

If you’re based elsewhere and are planning to pick up shifts as a relief veterinarian in Oregon, you’re in luck! Oregon offers temporary licenses for vets licensed in other jurisdictions. The temporary license is valid only until you can take the state exam.

Here are the licensure requirements.

  • Graduated from US veterinary program
  • State Boards

The state exam costs $75, on top of the $150 application fee, for a total licensure cost of $225.

Salary for Relief Vets in Oregon

The average salary for veterinarians in the Beaver State is $112,310 according to the BLS, a gain of 10% over last year. 

That’s about 10% lower than neighboring Washington veterinarians, which rings in at $124,200. However, with a 8.75% or 9.9% income tax for salaries over $50,000 and $125,000 respectively, the difference widens. California has a similar income tax burden, but the average veterinary pay there is $126,690, again putting Oregon veterinarians at a slight disadvantage.



The highest salaries in Oregon are around Medford, at an average of $128,820, nearly 14% growth from 2021. Central Oregon, including Hook River, Gilliam, and Klamath counties, also saw an average salary increase of almost 9%. In Salem, Corvallis, and Albany, wages stagnated.

Local Animal Health Issues in Oregon

The Oregon VMA asks local veterinarians to keep an eye out for the following issues in 2023:

  • Rabies via bats
  • Toxic algae blooms in water

Summer can bring on wildfires, which can have major impacts on people and their pets. If a wildfire flares up, prepare for:

  • Pets with unknown owners
  • Heat-related illnesses
  • Burns
  • Respiratory distress due to smoke inhalation
  • Eye and ear irritation

 Work-Life Balance for Relief Vets in Oregon

Oregon has a variety of cities, small towns, and natural spectacles for everyone. There’s so much to see and do, especially if you enjoy water, wine, mountains and doughnuts. 

Portland is a highlight for relief vets in Oregon

Portland is known for its funky, weird side. Spend a few days enjoying the city, including it’s strong traditions in beer and doughnuts. While tourists come for Voodoo Donuts monster creations, there are a host of just as delicious but less technicolor creations around the city, Try Blue Star Donuts for a more grown-up experience.


The Columbia River Gorge is a stunning landscape with stony cliff faces, waterfalls, lush forests, and the beautiful Columbia River snaking through it all. Hiking, biking, paddling, and other recreational opportunities abound. A chain of state parks and friendly small towns make this a dog-friendly recreation area.

A stunning drive in the Columbia River Gorge is a great way for Oregon relief vets to relax

Willamette Valley

The Willamette Valley is Oregon’s premier winemaking area. A plethora of wineries dot rolling hills for a bucolic day. But it’s not just about wine – ride through the area’s covered bridges, paddle on the Willamette River, or enjoy the scenic small towns along the way.