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Relief Vet Work Can Support Mental Health

Veterinarians are often overworked and underpaid. Their dedication to their patients means that they put in long hours. But even the most dedicated DVM needs a break. It can be incredibly difficult for veterinarians to get away from their jobs.

Long Hours at Emergency Clinics

Associate veterinarians in 24/7 clinics or emergency hospitals can become exhausted from day shifts that lead into long on-call hours. A late-night emergency can lead right into the next day’s shift. This extended time on the job can take a toll on a veterinarian’s physical and mental health, as restorative sleep is crucial to both.

The Squeeze on Solo Practitioners

Small practices may have an even higher stress level. In single-doctor animal clinics, all the pressure is on the owner. Not only are they responsible for patient health but the economic health of the clinic. 

Without any outside help, small private animal clinics close when the DVM needs a break. That can cause hefty financial consequences not just for the veterinarian, but for their staff as well. Guilt about a closure and concern about patients may neutralize the impact of a much-needed break or vacation.

How Relief Vet Work Can Help

It’s not called relief work for nothing. The whole point of relief work is to relieve the acting DVM of their duties and stresses while they take a break for any reason. This frees up the associate veterinarian or practice owner to truly relax, knowing that their clients and patients are in trustworthy, capable hands.

But relief work doesn’t just relieve the veterinarian taking a break. Relief work can be a breath of fresh air for vets considering a career change. With a high demand for relief veterinarians, going independent can be less intimidating than you think.

Relief Vet Work Lets You Take Control

The whole concept of being a relief veterinarian can feel risky. The biggest challenge is finding the right amount of work to pay the bills, but not overload and get yourself into another stressful situation. 

Right now, there is more demand for relief vet work than can currently be met. This puts you in a powerful position. Instead of being forced to take long hours or overnight on-call shifts, being a relief vet allows you to set boundaries on the work conditions you prefer.

The freedom to say no to shifts can already be empowering, relieving you of some of the stress of a worker-employer relationship. Instead, you approach clinics or relief services as an equal partner.

Besides the time management aspect of relief work, you also have a stronger negotiating position for your salary. 60% of veterinarians are women. According to a new study, female veterinarians earn less than their male counterparts. Transitioning to a relief veterinarian position can give you experience in negotiating salary in a safe space. If you choose to return to a traditional position, you may have more comfort in these traditionally sensitive discussions.

Making a big career change can be intimidating, but breaking away from an overwhelming situation can be a positive step for your mental health. The best part is, you don’t have to do it alone.

Relief Veterinary Staffing Services Reduce Stress

Relief veterinary staffing services like Holiday Vet can be a strong ally when you’re changing your career trajectory. Some relief staffing services provide a list of clinics looking for relief vet work with availability. Others have a little deeper relationships with their clients.

Holiday Vet is based on a strong relationship with both the animal hospital and the relief veterinarian. We don’t just provide an address, date and time, but all the information you need to be prepared and successful at the host clinic, like:

  • Medical record software used
  • Covid measures
  • Dress code
  • Whether you’re expected to do surgery

We are invested in making you succeed.

Minimize The Administrative Portion of Relief Vet Work

One reason that many vets opt for relief work is to focus on patient care. Here’s where Holiday Vet can really help you focus on your calling, increasing your job satisfaction and reducing work stress.

Our team works hard to fill your schedule the way you like it. Simply let us know your availability and let your Holiday Vet scheduler do the planning. Instead of constantly reviewing job boards and managing contacts at a variety of clinics, you have one contact person. Minimize the legwork in finding open shifts and juggling contacts so that you can focus on the best part of your job – providing great care.

Are you ready to take a step for your mental health as well as your career? Contact us today.