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Year of the Rabbit: Inspiration for Veterinarians

In the lunar calendar, 2023 is the year of the rabbit. Some experts predict that this means tendencies to focus, contemplation, and self-protection.

The rabbit has the following traits according to the lunar zodiac:

  • Intellect
  • Caution
  • Skillful
  • Witty

So what does this mean for veterinarians?

Star Sign Traits vs Actual Rabbit Behavior

Out of the four main aspects listed above, the first three track well to actual lagomorph behavior. Rabbits and hares are smart, cautious creatures. They can be social or loners, and tend to freeze in emergency situations. 

Does the Lunar Zodiac Really Matter?

From a scientific perspective, zodiacs, whether lunar or Western, are irrelevant. Our fate is not determined by the stars. 

Instead, we can look at the zodiac as a starting point for inspiration. If you’re looking to make a change in your life, or attempt a new year’s resolution, these traditions can be a jumping off point for some ideas.

The Year of the Hare for Veterinarians: Stability

2023 could be a year for taking stock of your career and planning out your next career moves. With low numbers of new veterinarians coming into the field, vets can have a good measure of job security and a sense of empowerment if they do look for a new position.

You can use this security to take a breather and think about your dream job. If it happens to be your current position, then look at whether there are small items that can be improved.

The big bonuses may still be in place going forward, but the conditions for these bonuses may become more onerous as companies fight to balance recruitment and retention.

You can also prepare for emergencies to avoid freezing in case your practice gets bought out or consolidated. Check in with old classmates and colleagues to build and maintain your network, similar to rabbits in their warrens.

Holiday Vet supports stability for relief vets through a W-2 employment option, including 401(k) contributions, medical, dental and vision insurance, professional expense reimbursement and more!

The Cleverness of the Hare In Your Career This Year

In a stable environment, it’s time to get clever and consider taking steps to advance your career. If you’ve thought about specialization, or you’ve had an interest in a certain area of medicine that you’ve never really been able to explore, this may be the year to look into those next steps.

You may be able to leverage continuing education to further your interests, or you can look into more intense, long-term programs or certifications. If a study program is required, take this year to plan out how to approach that time commitment. No rush, but a smart approach to career planning and time management.

If you’re thinking of pulling back or converting to relief work, use this year to build your network and create contacts with companies and clinics that may need you in the future.